Thursday, June 10, 2010

The adventure to six flags great america

So, last week I went to six flags with my three best friends, gaby, Jojo,and Jenna. and Gaby's older sister,Katie. I had never been to six flags before so it was quite an adventure for me.
so on the car ride there we turned up the music all the way and rolled down the windows, on the freeway and we were all dancing crazy so people in other cars kept staring like we were from another planet. We were also yelling random things like "we're WAY awesomer!!" to people walking when we were at a stop light. Like people say, the way there is always part of the fun and it was.
so when we got there, we skipped up to the entrance like little girls. yeah, I know, we're weird. ^_^
since I still had a fear of roller coasters, we went on the most 'terrifying' ride there was, easy go balloons! A bunch of slow turning metal air balloons that go up,down and around in a extremely slow turning circle. we were all screaming as loud as we could as joke pretending it was extremely scary.
so after that we went on the ragin' cajun, which is pretty much like a tilt-a-whirl on a track with sharp turns and hills and deep drops. so that was starting to conquer my fear already.
After that I was motivated to try any roller coaster even if I was terrified while waiting in line.
so later after that, jenna, gaby and katie went to the V2 (vertical velocity) but me and jojo were a little chicken to go on it so we went to the flying chairs ride. I was always scared of those because Ialwaysthought that while we were in the air that maybe the chains would break on the swing. But it was still fun because i took off my flip-flops and my feet were hanging in the air. whenever we passed a try i thought my feet were going to brush against the leaves but when we got off, I realized the trees weren't near enough.
We also went on the batman ride, which is a big car of chairs hanging from a track, with lots of twists, turns, loops and steep drops high up in the air. It was kind of a terror ride but for the rest of the day i was willing to try any roller coaster.
then I tried the raging bull which is a train high up in the air with deep drops, and sharp turns, one of the deep drops goes into a tunnel. it was a little scary but when it was over I wanted to go again!
we also went on the demon, the wizzler,the log water ride, and a couple more but i forgot the names.
so that day I had a great time and I'm soo happy that i got over my fear of roller coasters and my friends are the most crazy, fun, awesome people I know <3 I love you guys!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Girl Scout trip

            On friday I will be going on a Girl scout outing to a place where the girls get to run a small  indoor city.
there are small buildings. we get to have our own jobs and be payed. We can go to other people's shops and buy their products they make when it is our turn for a break. afterwards we stay there overnight. i am very excited for this trip!

Monday, September 28, 2009


             This summer i went to visit my grandma in Tennesee . it was a lot of fun. i stayed for two months. 
            we went to Chatanooga and we visited the ruby falls and they were beautiful. we got a cave tour and the cave is actually blown with dynamite and the falls were found by the man who made the caves. he decided to name the waterfall ruby falls,after his wife. After that we went to lookout mountain there were cool displays of cannons. And  there were statues of some people that were in the civil war.Then we stayed at the Chatanooga choo choo which is a hotel that is a line of old train cars it was awesome the train car on the inside had a bathroom and the normal stuff a hotel room has but it still had the original walls and the luggage racks and it still had the lights on the luggage racks.
            later on at dinnertime we went to a restaurant called the station house. the waiters go up on the stage and sing live when they are not busy. all of the waiters were really good singers. and we went to a photo place where they dress you up to look old timey, i got one of those photos and it was a lot of fun.
              i had a lot of fun on my trip to Chatanooga.